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Heiko Falke
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Mike Austin Golf
Das schönste Golf erleben


Dein erster Schritt in ein neues Golfleben: Die erste Trainingseinheit

Wir bringen Dich mit ausgereiften Übungen spielerisch in die Bewegungsabläufe der Topspieler.
Das Ergebnis sind Sicherheit, optimale Länge und minimale Streuung.
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Mike Austin Golf - Swing Like The Top Players

Mike Austin Golf

60 years ago Mike Austin developed the fundamentals of the golf swing you see on the PGA Tour today. With that knowledge back in 1974 he hit the longest drive in competition: 515 yards at the age of 64.

Any amateur can learn to swing like a topnotch tour player within one season.

Read the article The Man Who Cracked The Code or listen to James Achenbach from Golfweek.

Try it and play the best golf in your life.

What We Offer


If you would like to come to Hamburg for lessons send me an eMail to falke@mikeaustin.de. We'll arrange something. You will stay directly in Hamburg of at the Castanea Best Western in Adendorf.


We offer three DVD (english) as download files in our shop.

Online Package

For international customers we also offer an interesting onine package:

  • 5 x 60 minutes online lessons on Zoom
  • eMail-feedback between lessons on questions or videos

It works! Watch Andy from California.

Mike Dunaway - Mike Austin's Most Popular Student

Greg Norman: "He is the longest human on earth".

John Daly: "Two guys back home can hit it past me...Mike Dunaway and Bobby Wilson."

John Andrisani: "Mike Dunaway's presentation of the golf swing on DVD is the best I have ever seen."

Art Sellinger: "Mike Dunaway has the best golf swing in the history of long driving."

James Achenbach: "For my money, Mike Dunaway is the best overall driver of the golf ball in the world."

Tommy Aaron: "If Iron Byron breaks down, they can replace it with Mike Dunaway."

Bruce Crompton: "He is the longest, most accurate power-driver I have ever seen."

Ken Venturi: "Combines power and accuracy with a driver better than anyone I've ever seen."

George Pepper: "There is no reason to doubt that he is, indeed, the longest driver in golf."

Many Questions, One Answer

What did Hogan really do?
Why looks Freddy Couples' golf swing so fluid?
How did Vijay Singh earn more than 60 M$ on tour?
Why is Dustin Johnson hitting 320 yards with a 3 wood?
How can Tom Lehman play a 600 yards par 5 with a driver and a 9 iron?
How could Sam Snead win tournaments in 6 decades without having back trouble?
How can a man hit 515 yards at the age of 64?
Why seems the game of golf so difficult to most of the amateurs?
Why can standard teaching not really improve my game?
What is the fastest way to build a tour level golfswing?
How can the human body meet the requirements from the laws of physics?
From whom got most of the top players their swing knowledge?

Study Mike Austin!

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